Hooniverse Weekend Edition Review: Some of My Favorite Weekend Postings

It’s the first weekend of 2011, and what better way to nurse your hangover before any of the big Football games start is to see what you may have missed over the past several weekends on Hooniverse. I will start with some of my favorites over the year that you may (or may not) have missed.

On my first weekend shift, I brought you the story of the Last Horch Automobile. This is a story about the search for the last Horch that was built by hand in Ingolstadt in 1953, and then “disappeared” four years later after being bought by an American solider who brought it over to the United States. See the original posting here.

It was over at 0-60 that I discovered this bat-shit crazy car, and highlighted it here at Hooniverse. It is a 73 or 74 Chevrolet Nova with a Mazda Rotory Engine Transplant. In my original post, I included a couple of videos for your listening pleasure. See the original posting here.

One of the most talked about postings was the article I re-posted from Autopia about the 15 Agonizing Automotive Atrocities. Not many of the commentariant agreed with the list, so why not re-visit the post and see if you agree.

Every so often I have to run a couple of Ebay Listings…. it’s the formula for success within the blogging community. However, I try and go a little off kilter with these listings, and here is one of my favorites. While cruising around on Ebay in June there were two vehicles that were so different, I thought it would be a great post if they were highlighted together. See the original post here.

We receive a lot of tips here at Hooniverse Central, and this was one of my favorites… It’s a Toyota! I still can’t decide if this thing is in bad taste, or is so full of awesome it hurts. See the original post here.

Over the past several weekends, I have run several postings from BangShift.com. None of them generated more comments that the one titled The Best Foreign Cars to Swap V-8 Power. Many agreed with the listing, a lot did not. Why not re-visit the posting, and leave an updated comment while you’re at it.

Many of you know I ourchased a GMC Envoy XUV from a dealer in Texas off Ebay. This was one of the most popular topics during the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of August, when I hauled a Garden Tractor from the store to my home in the back of the thing. See the original post here.
Stay Tuned, more of the Weekend Edition Review will follow.

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  1. RWB Avatar

    About a week after the Toyota truck was posted, I almost got hit by the thing walking through Allston. I was so excited by the sighting that I didn't even care about nearly being maimed by it.

  2. BGW Avatar

    I still can’t decide if this thing is in bad taste, or is so full of awesome it hurts.
    The answer is: Yes.

  3. jjd241 Avatar

    Here is an album I posted with some shots of a local shop. There are always interesting cars parked outside. I haven't gone in to talk to the guy yet.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Wow!! Not one but two late 60's big Ford coupes. And at $33 per oil change, I guess he is not so busy!! $16 down here in the Sunshine State!

  4. citroen67 Avatar

    All excellent articles! I look forward to seeing what you find in 2011, UD!