Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Relive the 80s with this Mustang 5.0

Ahhhh the 80’s. It was a new generation in which MTV took hold, and was firmly implanted within the sub-culture of the country. Where else can you combine bad music, bad fashion, and bad cars all into one memorable decade? It was a time when in 1980, it was morning in America again, and by the end of the decade we were deep in Operation Desert Storm. And the cars, what can be said about them that hasn’t been said before. The one bright spot was the introduction of the 5.0 Liter Mustang (actually a 4.9, but who really cares) in 1982, with the return of the convertible a year later. Well, its time to relive the 80 in all of her glory, from memorable pictures like “Pretty in Pink”, to Rockin’ out at a Wham concert, and we have just the car for you to do it….

The White Mustang Convertible is the absolute epitome when it comes to stylin’ in the 80’s. Yes there were sleeker cars, better built cars, even a new phenomena called the SUV which by then was coming on hard, but its the Fox Bodied Mustang that will forever be defined by this decade. Want Proof? (Just try to ignore this hook)

So you too can roll in your own 5.0, Vanilla Ice Style. This particular Mustang in a 91 model, but don’t let that stop you. The owner is very proud of his Stallion, as the listing states:

SELL OR TRADE for an equally nice custom pickup (no projects)…one of the nicest ’91 Mustang GT convertibles around. absolutely bone stock except for an aftermarket cd player, but i do still have the original stereo also. adult driven (mostly on weekends) and always garaged and covered. Ford 5.0 w/aod transmission. the GT has 104k miles, but i would challenge you to compare it to a 40k mile car of the same year. within the last eight months, it has had all new tires, new top, new a/c compressor, all new front brakes, tune-up with Ford Motorsport parts, and a fresh alignment. the GT has full power/ac and it all works. if you’re concerned about safety, even though this is a 20 year old car, it DOES HAVE FACTORY DRIVER AIRBAG…. NO EXCUSES for this beautiful Mustang. it also has a power WHITE TOP that’s new and yes, i do have the convertible boot for when the tops down. also has GLASS REAR WINDOW. just an all around super nice unmolested foxbody Mustang GT convertible. you won’t be disappointed in this one.

Hagerty Publications (major collector auto magazine) has listed these years of Mustang GT convertibles as one of the ten most modern day collectibles. it’s sure to appreciate. THIS CAR NEEDS NOTHING….no fluid leaks and everything works as it should. will be glad to answer any questions, just please be serious.

nothing at all wrong with the GT, i’m just looking for something different. come look, drive it, take it to a mechanic, whatever. you won’t find a thing it needs and that’s what i’m also looking for in a trade. would prefer a trade, so i have not listed a price for this car and i will not price it over the phone. i’ll only consider you a serious buyer when you come to look, but keep in mind this is NOT a cheap means of transportation, it is becoming a very collectable car, especially one in this condition. not trying to be an a$$, but i’ve had many calls from people who think they can buy this car for cheap, and their first question is “how much” before they ask anything else about the car.

He did show a price range from the Hagerty Publication, and that range was between $1,200 and $15,200. I’m sure our boy here saw the top price range, and thinks this car will command that price level all day long. So if you’re anywhere near the Kansas City region, why not groove on down to Raytown, and see if you can’t dance you way into this sweet ride. Before you do, take a look at the listing here.
Hat tip to JeepyJayhawk (Thanks Man!)

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    Points off for automatic. Here in South Florida, $5,000 to $7,500 could get you into a very clean white GT convertible with a 5-speed. In fact, a triple white convertible just about screams South Beach circa 1988.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Cocaine-over-cocaine-over-nosebleed is a great colour combination on these things, that's for sure, but I've always preferred my '80s flair to be a bit less outgoing.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      Speaking of cocaine, is that blond Melanie Griffith? Sure looks like her.

  3. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

    I'd rather have an LX 5.0, with a 5 speed. And not in triple white. The GT's ground effects haven't aged well and those louvered tail lights didn't even look good when they were new. And really, the hatchback would be a better choice. Even with a Windsor under the hood, the Fox body ragtop just screams "old rental car."
    I've always been a fan of these Mustangs, but the prices have gotten ridiculous. Every lunkhead out there thinks his clean 5.0 is worth 10k+. And the cheaper ones have been either completely ragged out or modded into oblivion. I thought about getting one as a weekend car for awhile, but the prices were a turn off and I was sick of my DD anyway, so I ended up with a new '11 5.0….mostly because I'm a lunkhead, too.

    1. facelvega Avatar

      Clearly the LX 5.0 5 speed is the hoon's choice here, but the question is classic hatchback or more structurally stiff sleeper notchback.

      1. tonyola Avatar

        I stopped in an Orlando, Florida Ford dealer during 1988 to kill some time and look at some Mustangs. There on the floor was a red 5.0 5-speed notchback but this was a little different. Almost all the brightwork had been blacked out – even the cast wheels. The interior was very basic, though it did have A/C and a certified-labeled 140 mph speedo. The Monroney sticker identified the car as having a SSP police package, and the salesman told me that the car had the full police upgrades. He said they don't normally sell to civilians, but this was an overstock due to a changed fleet order. Though I wasn't really in the market for a car, I admit that this slightly sinister-looking 'Stang was tempting at a price slightly below a GT. Now I realize that it was something fairly special that I let get away.

  4. dukeisduke Avatar

    I never was crazy about those "louvered" taillights (I'd swap 'em out for the LX units). Myself, I'd go for a 5.0 LX instead.

    1. Alff Avatar

      20 some years ago, that was the sleeper of choice. Sadly, I could only afford the 6-banger.

  5. tonyola Avatar

    A couple of points:
    The "It's Morning in America" ads ran during the 1984 presidential campaign, not 1980. The 1980 tagline was "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"
    Vanilla Ice was a 1990 phenomenon.

  6. Black Steelies Avatar

    Great looking car for the right buyer. I know selling on Craigslist is tough and usually attracts less than attractive potential buyers but he could throw a ballpark price out there. At least he knows he's an a$$.

  7. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    So pristine, and yet sooooo horrible. I haven't come up with a way that this car could be driven without a studded red leather jacket…

  8. bboxy Avatar

    same steering wheel as my first car, a 92 Taurus, and my current d.d., a 94 F150…..ah, Ford, I'd never be caught dead in a fox-stang. Well kept, though! Bravo.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      And that airbag packs a helluva wallop, too. I wrecked my '95 F-150 when it was few months old, and the bag, the front sensors, and the $400 leather-wrapped steering wheel (it got scratched somehow) had to be replaced. The bag also ripped off the cruise control switches, scratching my wrists in the process. It's been in another crash since then (hit a teenager that ran a red light), and thankfully it didn't deploy, so that tells me it doesn't work anymore.
      Check out the airbag videos posted by some crazy Canadian on YouTube – the old Ford airbags are capable of some amazing destruction, like turning refrigerators into mangled heaps.

  9. njhoon Avatar

    Being a child of the 80's I like these and I'm sort of looking for one….for the right price. I friend picked up an 84 GT convert for 1500, so something in that range. Think about it for a second, V8, convertible, sporty, parts galore and hot rodable. Sign me up. This one though…that isn't burnig rubber you smell it is Crack.

  10. Froggmann_ Avatar

    This post needs more Max Headroom
    <img src="http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/max-headroom-20100302-195648.jpg&quot; /img>
    BTW the 88 Cougar XR-7 stock for stock was the better car. I always out-cornered, outran, out-accelerated and out-stopped every 5-O 'stang I came up to.
    <img src="http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q53/Froggmann/Misc/Previous%20Cars/stocker018.jpg&quot; /img>

    1. facelvega Avatar

      Sadly the cougar also out-uglied the mustang by a huge margin. If we're going to go up to the bigger coupes, personally I'd take a Mark VII LSC.

  11. Alff Avatar

    This is the ideal vehicle to cruise Raytona Beach in style.

  12. patrick Avatar

    The 80s were so bad, our memories of them are even of the 90s. 91 Mustang and Vanilla Ice?