Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Random Shots from the New York Auto Show

Since this is a holiday weekend (Easter and Passover by the way) I will be posting some random shots from my time at the New York International Auto Show that is open to the public right now. I will try and describe each picture with a caption. As a member of the elite Hoon Task Force, it is your job to add pithy comments, and otherwise entertain us all. I’ll start with the color orange, as each of these shots contain that color…

This is the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. It will replace both the outgoing model and the Veracruz.
This is the Kia Optima customized by West Coast Customs for NBA Star Blake Griffin.
Blake Griffin is now one of the spokes persons for Kia of America.

This is the Subaru XV Crosstreck, which is an Imprezza raised 9 inches!
Think of it as a smaller Outback.

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