Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Orphan Car Show Images by Mike the Dog

So, the Orphan Car Show was rained out last week, but an impromptu gathering at the Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum’s (AKA Miller Motors) parking lot saved the weekend. And we get to waste another Sunday Morning staring at the pictures that Mike took. From Mike’s e-mail:

Junkman brought his mystery car, but it never got out of the trailer:-( He sent me a couple of pics of it, but I haven’t included them here. I did suggest to him that he submit the pics here along with the history of the car, for a “Guess The Car” feature. I hope he does, because it’s a neat car that I can find virtually no history of anywhere on the web.

Junkman, if you’re reading this…. send them in. Meanwhile, here are the pictures:

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