Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Meet a customized Fiero made to look like a Contemporary Riviera; The Zimmer Quicksilver!

Happy Fathers Day, and I hope you are enjoying all the special Hooniverse Postings on the first summer weekend of 2010. Here is a car that was produced by a company known for their over the top Neo-Classic Replicars. The question I have is why did they even bother with the Quicksilver? Looking at a current Ebay Listing, I was wondering if you were thinking the same thing…. Zimmer was a very profitable company producing huge neo-classic coupes and convertible based on current production Ford and Lincoln models. In 1986, designer Don Johnson (no, not the same Don Johnson running around Miami in a Corvette Based Ferrari!) designed the Quicksilver for the company, but it never went into serious production until 1987, just in time for GM to euthanize it in 1988. Only 170 (or so) were produced, and the looks were similar to the then current Buick Riviera. Now let’s look at the Ebay Listing for a 1987 Quicksilver Coupe, with only a little over 24,000 miles on it, and you can see the biggest problem facing companies like Zimmer; From substandard fiberglass, aftermarket wheels that don’t age well, and shoddy interior materials backed up by horrible workmanship. When producing only a few cars a month, these companies tried to shave costs, while charging customers an inflated price tag. Just take a look at the interior shots, with the “Leather” interior becoming discolored, the “Wood” trim delaminating, and the exterior components showing stress cracks. I am surprised that the chrome brightwork is still glossy, but that may just be the pictures. Anyway, the company listing this “classic” car is based out of Los Angeles, and it didn’t do their homework as far as research. This Quicksilver is an interesting car, but is it worth almost $15,000? What you do get is a low mileage Fiero, with a decomposing interior, and some strange looks. I’m not sure that’s worth much. Take a look at the Ebay listing here!

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