Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Introducing the SHAGHIA!

Continuing on with the Fathers Day Ebay extravaganza, here is a creation that is offered for sale from Lawrenceville, IL. The seller of this customized 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia seemed to have acquired it after most of the modifications took place. You will have to make the jump to see the rest of SHAGHIA….. Want to know what makes up this fabulous (and that is my sarcasm firing up right there!) machine? Well according to the seller:

As best as I can remember, I’ll list all the different parts that make up the car. The fins are off a ’59 Plymouth, the hood scoop is off a 50 something T’bird. The back bumper is off a Triumph Spitfire and molded into the body nicely. Shaggy (Shag-Ghia) started life as a coupe, but the top was cut off and the back seat covered over with the hood of an 80 something Pontiac to give it a roadster look. Well you can’t have a roadster without head rests, so he took cab corners from a Ford pick up and fit them up nicely, then made a padded panel just in case you ever used them. All the side glass is gone and looking at the doors, I’m not sure there ever was any glass – really capped off clean. Seats are out of a ’64 T-bird, dash is covered with Harley Davidson leather, and seats and door panels are covered in genuine imitation lepard skin (cloth).

The vehicle has been upgraded to four-wheel disc brakes, and the engine seems to have a slight carburetor problem, but its nothing too serious though (the seller says under his breath….), and should provide the buyer with endless hours of motoring pleasure (Ok, I can’t seem to turn off the sarcasm mode….). Oh hell, why not just go to the listing here!

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