Hooniverse Weekend Edition: In the Lot at the Roar Before the 24

As I have mentioned in a couple previous posts, this weekend is the Roar Before the 24, a test session for the Rolex Series and the Continental Tire Series race cars. I was able to score some pretty sweet passes and hope to score some equally as great ones for the upcoming Speedweeks down here in the “World Center of Racing” (Hint, Hint jeepjunkie)

Myself and many others have opined that at car events, sometimes the cool stuff is in the parking lot of the event. That certainly was the case at the Winter Park Concours D’Elegance I attended last fall and it is true here at the Roar. While I was too dumbfounded to capture an image of the Mercedes SLS (thanks Lotte) and the two new Ferraris as they passed me on the street, I think I will see them again. I did, however, capture some images of some other pretty sweet rides over the last couple days at the Daytona International Speedway, including one this olelongrooffan had not previously seen. And know there were about 50 different Porsches of the 911 body style persuasion…too many for me even to glance at them a second time. Besides the Porsche Club of America always has strong showing at the Rolex24, I’ll get my fellow Hoons some images then.

And in a totally uncharacteristic olelongrooffan fashion, these are the last words from me you shall read on this post.

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  1. GTXEliminator Avatar

    Why does that billboard look like a goal post?

  2. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Looks like you're in some very good company there.

    1. $kaycog Avatar

      I most definitely agree with you!

  3. Maxichamp Avatar

    Is there any Hooniverse love for the 968? It is definitely the most neglected Porsche around.

    1. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      The first time I saw one I thought, "What wierdo put 928 lights on a 944?". This was when my knowledge of Porsches was 95% from Need for Speed 5, which didn't mention them at all.

  4. Lotte Avatar

    Someone nicked the Ford badge off of the GT!!! How dare they…