Hooniverse Weekend Edition – If you ever wanted a BMW M1 Procar, now is the time.

On Friday, Bradley posted this delightful video of championship racecar driver Klaus Graf flogging a retired BMW M1 Procar around the famous Nurburgring. Thanks to our esteemed Hooniverse Fans, we have been made aware of one of those glorious machines that is currently for sale in Belgium. Make the jump to see more… According to the seller of this particular M1:

Raced in 1984/1985 460 Cv and only 1050 Kg Huge documentation Rebuilt Engine and good original condition(not restored) 4 extra wheels

Yea, he is not much for words, but these cars are rare and the survivors are fully documented. See the eBay listing here, which contains links to a couple of galleries filled with detailed pictures of this machine. Bidding is currently at $185,100, with less than 22 hours to go. Hey, I never said it was cheap. Hat tip to Jon Roebuck.

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