Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Group 6 Baja Cars makes us Crazy

While cruising around BangShift this past week, I spotted this article by Brian Lohnes about a class of Baja Racing Machines that are largely forgotten today. While BangShift was covering the Extreme Outlaw 250 Desert Race in Reno, one of the most outrageous and infamous of these cars appeared fully restored. Of course, this discovery only lead to tracking down the history of these racing machines, but you will have to make the jump to read about them…. Brian goes on to say that they got all inspired to see more photos old old Baja racing cars. A few clicks later they hit the mother load on an old thread at Race-Dezert.com. This is 20 pages of awesome photos showing everything late 1950s Fords to Ramblers (listen up Mike!) tackling harsh desert conditions. The Blue Oldsmobile is a 1970 442 that was once owned by the actor James Garner, and built by GM engineer Vic Hickey. It has been reported that under the hood is an exotic aluminum 410 Oldsmobile mill, and was only a handful that were built by the factory. This is an awesome looking vehicle judging by the images. A Gallery of other class 6 racers follows….

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