Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Glastonbury AACA Meet; Some Everyday Collectibles

Last weekend, I decided to go to the 38th annual Antique Auto Meet that was held in Glastonbury Connecticut and as you can tell from my other postings, I decided to highlight some of the iron that was at the show for this weekend. Let’s start out with some everyday collectibles that almost anyone could afford, but maybe is not quite your style. Well, just look at them anyway, and tell me what you think about them…

Here is a cherry 1978 Chevrolet Nova Sedan, one of the last “X” body rear-wheel drive compacts in the General’s fleet. Yes, they were produced until the 1979 model year, then the notorious FWD “X” bodies appeared for 1980. You could equip these cars with an inline 6-cylinder (Chevy), or a V-6 (Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile), or a V-8 right up to a 350CID displacement. This car sports a nice light blue finish, Period Correct Sport Wheels with modern Wide Whitewall Radials, and inside was a very basic bench seat interior with blue vinyl. I think it looks neat, but what about you?

Here is an adorable 1969 Ford Falcon 2-Door Sport Coupe, with a 200 CID inline 6 under the hood, with an Automatic performing all the shifting duties. The Falcon in the US was on the decline, and there was the replacement Maverick ready to take its place, but take a look at this car. This is what you might call an original. Great patina, period corect features, and the owner keeps track of all major repairs with magic-marker records on the firewall. This Sport Coupe is neither Sporty, or really a coupe, but who cares? It’s adorable, and I would love to take it home…

Simplicity, thy name is Valiant. This is a 1968 Plymouth Valiant that is pretty basic. It is equipped with the Super 225 CID Slant Six, and a three speed Automatic. Other than those two options, there is virtually nothing else to be had; Basic Vinyl Bench Seat interior, Dog Dish Hub Caps, AM Radio, all in a body style that would stat in this basic form until the Valiant was replaced by the Volaré in 1977. I know I’d love to own this Valiant, so how about you?

One of Lee Iaccoca’s better ideas when he was at the reigns of Chrysler was to produce a real convertible, using the humble “K” car as the platform of choice. This is a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible, with a 2.2L Turbo under the hood, and a Mark Cross Leather Package inside. Is this the future of car collecting, or is it just an aberration?

This was a very tidy Volvo Amazon, and that’s all I know about it. It was at the show on display, but it was in a position in which photography was nearly impossible. When things cleared out later in the day, it was on its way home. Love the roof rack, and the Minilites. How about you?

A prediction… These will become a future collectible, and with the last ones made in the 2003 model year, they are approaching a decade old. This is a GMC Sonoma extended cab step-side version, and it looks quite nice. It has a lowered stance, and uses the S-10 custom wheels that were available during the time it was built. You would think that this truck might have the 4.3L V-6 under the hood, or maybe a SBC swap, but you would be wrong. Under the hood is the base 2200 EFI 4-Cylinder engine, and it’s equipped with an automatic. This could be the poster child to the saying “All Show and No Go”. I like it, but I’m weird that way.

Image source: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Brennan (aka UDMan). More postings like this all weekend…

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