Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Bonneville Speed Week Review via BangShift

It seems that this point in August that Automotive Gods converge, as there are a number of events that are not only historic, but must attend events if you are an automobile enthusiast. Last week we saw all the doings at Monterrey, California including: The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Concorso Italiano, the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, and of all things the infamous the Concours d’LeMons!. This week it was speed week at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats (the subject of this post), and later this weekend, there is the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise.

Brian and Chad over at BangShift covered the Bonneville Speed Week like no other blog, so without saying very much, why not go there to take in all the images, videos, and drama that is Bonneville.
Image Source: BangShift

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7 responses to “Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Bonneville Speed Week Review via BangShift”

  1. junkman Avatar

    How about the sixty year old, blown, two cylinder Deutsch-Bonnet that set a new class record at over 100mph? First in the cool factor in my book.

    1. citroen67 Avatar

      Ummm…that sounds like all kinds of awesome, to me!

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    I just looked at the pictures, and boy is there some good stuff. One of my biggest regrets about having lived in Utah for so long is that I never made it to Wendover for Speed Week. How lame can you be?

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      I've never been there either, and also had many chances to do so.
      Here's my favorite of "Missed it by That much".
      Mexcatitlan is supposedly "Aztlan", and where they got the great idea to build a city in the middle of a lake on reeds on logs and stuff, like a super-moat I guess. It didn't work out so good for Montezuma, and when Cortez finally got tired of looting Mexico City, everybody went looking for Aztlan because that was supposedly where the really good stuff was. Coronado went North, and I guess you know the rest.
      I've been within three kilometers of "Aztlan" Twice and still never been there.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    I really want to make this trip. My father does also. You know how I told you that he has the turbo 'Busa? Well, his goal is to join the 200mph club on his trusty motorbike. I think it would be much more epic to do it at Bonneville rather than "The Texas Mile."

  4. tonyola Avatar

    Very cool pictures. I just hope the owner of the Daytona gave the underside of the car a really good wash after the speed runs. We know about Mopars and rust, don't we?

  5. retro Avatar

    Two hundred and twenty five miles an hour… in a rover estate car?
    <img src="http://ploader.net/files/a2c793001d6aff3104e3ecfc9c6a4380.jpg"&gt;

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