Hooniverse Weekend Edition – An Original Iso Rivolta IR 300 on eBay.

Welcome to a continuing journey of obscurity on Hooniverse. Glancing through the “Other Makes” section of eBay Motors, this particular listing for an Iso Rivolta caught my eye, and so it had to be shared with the rest of you. The pictures in the listing were quite “Rivolting” so I used one found on Wikipedia as the lead image. Look at the real car after the break… The Iso Rivolta was introduced in 1962 by Iso Automotoveicoli S.p.A. According to Wikipedia the company chairman named Renzo Rivolta and his colleague, former Ferrari engineer Giotto Bizzarrini (yes, that Bizzarrini) saw the concept as a Gran-Turismo Car in the original sense of the term, designed for long and memorable journeys. Although the Rivolta was originally envisioned as a competitor for the elegant Fiat 2300 Coupé, the low sales volumes made it prudent to move the car and its price upmarket. A 5.4 litre Chevrolet V8 engine was fitted, with the original concept receiving an all-synchromesh four-speed gear change. Production versions offered a GM supplied Automatic in addition to the manual. The front wheels of the Iso Rivolta 300 are suspended by linkages of uneven length with a sway bar. The rear wheels are attached with twin trailing arms using a De Dion axle with a Watt’s linkage. Coil springs and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers are fitted to all four wheels. The recirculating ball steering system needs five turns from lock to lock: the turning circle is unusually large limiting maneuverability somewhat. The design was penned by Bertone, and has an accommodating interior for four passengers. Of course, most of the interior was lined in soft Italian leather. This was a GT Car without many of the headaches associated with an Italian GT Car, but does that make an almost basket case Iso Rivolta desirable? According to the listing for this one:

Rare and desirable Iso Rivolta. Obviously needs a restoration, but is suprisingly original, complete, straight and not rusty. Same owner since 1970! Has A/C and desirable Borrani wire wheels. Underside of car, floors, door bottoms, engine bay, wheel wells, etc., are solid. I believe much of the paint is original. Stainless bumpers and glass are good. I have the other door panel but it’s quite rough. Car has been parked since 1985 so assume a rebuild. At least it’s a 327, which is far cheaper to redo than an Italian driveline.

Mileage on this example shows 67,570 miles, which is pretty good for the Chevy engine and Automatic, but the body will need a lot of work to bring back to show condition. There are 11 bids with the top bid currently sitting at $18,119, with no reserve. Is this the right amount for a rare Italian GT car with the heart of an American? See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

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