Hooniverse Weekend Edition – An Oldsmobile 455 Powered BMW 6-Series Coupe!

We have the best readers on the net. I have said this before, and this tip we received from Greer (thanks man!) just proves it. This is a BMW 6 Series Coupe with an Oldsmobile 455 Toronado drive-train installed at the rear. And look, its for sale on eBay UK.

Why not let the listing speak for itself?

This is my bmw 6 series coupe mid engine project, powered by a 400HP V8 455ci oldsmobile engine and toronado transmission, much money and time has been spent on this but other projects have taken over, has custom tube chassis from the bulkhead back, full roll cage, all new brakes and lines, new tinted windows{not fitted) custom radiator, custom fuel tank, 17″ rims, new cills floor etcetc, engine is currently out and body is now in primer ready for paint, can be up and running if thats what you want, no fabrication needed only cosmetics, for any questions or veiwing please phone.

Ths seller also said he would separate the car and the drive-train if interested, and he also forgot to put a reserve on the listing. Currently, the highest bid is £510.00, so I think this listing will be withdrawn shortly, so go here to see this wild creation.

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  1. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    Meh, I saw this done back in the early 70s to a Datsun 510. Anything worth doin' is worth overdoin'.

  2. Ryans92L Avatar


  3. Marius Avatar

    I love insane mash-ups like this.

    1. Raze1138 Avatar

      So utterly wrong, yet so right…

  4. Lotte Avatar

    I guess what most striking to me is that this hails from the UK. Where the hell did he source that big Olds block from?! (And since when did they have big garages?)

    1. Ryans92L Avatar

      If that is a "big garage" (yes I am aware it is in the UK but still. That is merely a suburban single bay in the US) I would hate to know what you call my fathers garage (personal use, not a business) the main bay its self is 1200' sq and there are two more bays that are 450' sq each…

      1. Lotte Avatar

        I'd call it "my bestest, most generous friend's father's car haven that I will clean and I hope you have car lifts installed."
        Nudge, nudge.

    2. Ryans92L Avatar

      I got your reply via email, just not on here, but Ill answer ya anyway… Yes there is a Hydraulic lift, Mig welder, Acetylene Torch, Plasma Cutter, Drill press, Pipe benders, Sheet Metal break, 3 of every tool you might ever need, tire changer, wheel balancer, enough parts to throw together 3 350s, 2 327s, 1 302, and 3 283s, Dedicated Beer Fridge, FIRE PLACE (no joke a wood burning fire place), motorcycle table, Satellite TV, 4 Grain Scales (for weighing racecars) walls are lined with old race car body panels, assorted Yamaha motorcycles and parts (Vmax, Vstar, Xs750, Xs650, YZ250 and 3 DT175s) and last but not least a Kubota backhoe…
      You would have to talk to my dad if you wanna hang out there, he would probably make you bring beer though…

  5. skitter Avatar

    Corvair is a hell of a drug.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I was going to say, I know a fellow named Jim who could take some inspiration from this…

  6. citroen67 Avatar

    I like the use of the term "sleeper." Good luck with that one!

  7. CptSevere Avatar

    This is the sickest thing I've seen lately. You'd have to weld a length of 120# railroad track where the front bumper goes to keep it from pulling wheelstands. Very impressive, I wish I had it parked outside.

  8. chicago limo service Avatar

    Nice one…
    Keep that up..