Hooniverse Weekend Edition – An Aussie 1968 Holden HK Monaro on eBay Stateside

Continuing with the latest Hooniverse Weekend Theme, here is an Aussie living in the state of Massachusetts. This is a 1968 Holden Monaro HK GTS 327. What its doing here is anyone’s guess, but it is a glorious Australian Muscle Car that I don’t think you will find anywhere else in North America. Make the jump to see more of this Muscle from Down Under… The Holden Monaro holds a special place in out hearts. You see, the latest Monaro was imported into the states as the Pontiac GTO from 2004 through 2006. However, the Monaro was also one of the hottest cars built in Australia since 1968, and according to Wikipedia the car was named after the Monaro region in New South Wales and was introduced in July 1968 as a two-door pillarless hardtop coupe available in three models: the basic Monaro coupe, Monaro GTS coupe and Monaro GTS 327 coupe. It was written that the GTS versions had full instrumentation, which included a tachometer mounted on the centre console. This proved to be a bad location as the drivers knee would obstruct the view of it. Monaros could be ordered with a choice of six-cylinder engines of 161 CID or two versions of 186 CID, with the GTS getting the 186S version. There was a 307CID Chevrolet-sourced V8 available as an option. The exclusive GTS 327 model was powered by the 250HP version of the Chevrolet 327CID V8, making this coupe one of the liveliest production cars in Australia. 1968 was also the only year the 327 was available, with subsequent versions upgrading to the Chevrolet 350 CID V8. So, what is the story with this Monaro GTS 327, and why is it Massachusetts? The listing states:

4 Speed Saginaw all synchro Rear Axle Salisbury 10 Bolt Limited Slip Features: Factory Tramp Rods Large Capacity Bathurst fuel tank. Sports Suspension Console mounted Tacho NSW Rego “327HK” All matching numbers car.

So it seems that is was once registered in New South Wales, and apparently made the journey to the states, ending up near my back door in Hatfield, Mass. (That’s north of Springfield following I-91) Current bidding has this car at $8,300 with an unmet reserve, and almost two days left within the auction. See the listing here, and tell me what you thing this Aussie will go for when the bidding has finished.

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