Hooniverse Weekend Edition: A Series of Questionable Ebay Listings

I thought about running each of these listings as a separate posting, but in all reality, that only takes up valuable bandwidth. Presenting some of the questionable Ebay Listings for this weekend…. This listing is from the “Only in Las Vegas” file, showcasing an Auburn Replicar. When did it become fashionable to use the Skank-o-the-week to sell up-market cars? Well, in this case, the dealership used two lovely “models” who are taking a break from their real jobs as Pole Dancers to show off the toupee of high-end cars, an Auburn Replica. Sigh…. When will these things just disappear. Read the entire listing here! From the “What the Hell is this thing” file comes this kit car that is French registered, and Lebanese built. Details are scarce because the description is brief:

hello //unique kit car french registred lebanese built / 6 months waiting for availability . the reason is that the car is dismantled for restoring /details on email if interested / thanks for comments //nicolas

So, what powers this racy little car, how many passengers can it fit, and at $60,000, why is it so expensive? There are a lot of geopolitical off-handed remarks I could use here, but I think I’ll leave that to the rest of you. Read this very brief listing here. And now from the “Jokes that write themselves” file comes this “Coke” car. This is a Coca-Cola Cooler that was built on a Boston Scientific Power Chair, and has a top speed of 8 MPH (Yes you read that right, 8 MPH!) Why would anyone do this, and would you ever buy a car that was obviously built under the influence of Coke? (Thank you very much, I’ll be here all weekend. Try the Veal!) This is a no reserve auction, so why not check it out here….

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