Hooniverse Weekend Edition: A Once Great Museum set to close this month.

I wrote about the Golden Age of Trucking Museum both on Hooniverse, and Automotive Traveler. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that it is set to close this month.

Read more about the history of this once great place over at Automotive Traveler, or go to the Golden Age of Trucking website. For anyone near Connecticut, you owe yourself a visit before they close on July 20th.

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  1. Jack Bates Avatar
    Jack Bates

    I have lived with a great number of these vehicles, worked on them from the early 1940's, and it was really the "golden age" of the development of the USA. My arms stayed strong because of no power steering until late in the century. I wish I could visit 'my past' at the exibit.