Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1961 Fiat 1200 Barn Find

This is the second car that is being auctioned off by the classic car dealer, Laguna Classics. This will be a restoration project, but I have one question: Will it be worth anything?

This car was styled by the Italian Master Stylists, Pininfarina. According to the listing:

Fiat introduced their successor to the 1100 at the 1957 Turing Motor Show. The 1200 was available in Granluce sedan and open Cabriolet or Spider form, with a Turismo Veloce (meaning fast touring) sedan available as well. The design of the Spider was influenced by Fabio Luigi Rapi, Fiat’s design director. The 1200 saloon was closely resembled the Fiat 1100. Power was from a new engine of 1221cc form developing 55 horsepower. The convertible was restyled in 1959 and given a new Pininfarina-designed body, with similarities to Ferrari’s 250 GT PF coupes, especially when it wore the optional hardtop. The 1200 had roll-up windows and swiveling seats as standard, and a new split mesh-patterned grille that incorporated angled sides. The 1200 Spider (Cabriolet) was built by Fiat’s Vetture Speciali (meaning special cars) unit. 

The last owner had the car for 45 years. He bought it 1966 and I still have a few old registrations dating back to 1967 and a photo of the car when it was still in better condition. There are only a view areas of rust, like on the rocker panel and a spot on the hood. However the floor looks very original and unmolested with only surface rust on it. The paint also seems to be original. It shows 64,414 miles which are believed to be original.

This car has not been started in many, many years. The previous owner always wanted to get the car back on the road again but I guess age has caught up with him as well. Please note, this is not a car that you can put a battery in and drive it home. An oil change sticker in the driver door indicates that the car had an oil change done in Sierra Vista, AZ.

The current bid for this car is $2,480 with an unmet reserve. What are your thoughts as to how much this car will go for? See the eBay listing here, and see the Hemmings listing here.

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  1. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Lovely car. I wouldn't restore it. Just repair it so it runs, clean it up a bit, and start driving. And brace to keep on repairing what sstarts breaking and leaking, for a good long while.

  2. CJinSD Avatar

    People get irrational about cars that have languished for years, so I think it will sell for something in the neighborhood of six grand. The new owner will then discover that restoration is going to be expensive and painful, as parts are scarcer than the cars. They may well also learn that you can buy a near perfect twin to this car for about $12K, from someone who has been looking for a buyer for over a year, most likely. They'll also learn that even if they spend $35K turning this into a stong #2 driver, they'll have a car that isn't much fun to drive. My prediction? We'll see it on the market again 4 months after the auction, initially for more than the auction price. 4 months after that, we'll see it for break even money. 4 months after that, we'll see the price start tumbling down. A year or two from now, it will be a parts car or entombed in someone else's garage in its current state.

    1. jjd241 Avatar

      OHMYGOD! He's from the future! Will I ever get that pony I've been asking for?

  3. tonyola Avatar

    Although these Fiat sports cars are quite rare and have some old-fashioned charm, the liabilities here outweigh the virtues. If I was going to bother with a Fiat, I'd rather spend the money on a '68-'72 124 Spider and get prettier styling, more performance, a nicer interior (this 1200 doesn't even have a tach), and far better support and parts availability.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      The last Hoontastic car my Dad owned was a red Fiat 124. Some Hoon from Washington State bought it on ebay, flew to southwest Missouri and drove it home. This is the last picture of this olelongrooffan and TheGentlemanFarmer. Appropriately enough.
      <img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-cJ-FC-efSDc/TYVaptoBv6I/AAAAAAAAO_g/o-pJ1YY-96s/s1600/1+008.jpg&quot; width=600 end>

      1. tonyola Avatar

        My older brother's first new car was a wine-red 1974 124 Spyder. Sweet-driving car, but it proved to be troublesome, a little fragile, and somewhat rust prone.

      2. P161911 Avatar

        My Dad's first sportscar was a Fiat 1500 or 1600, the one before the 124, before anyone in the US had even heard of Fiat. He got it while in high school.

  4. scrnclutter Avatar

    Ahh, the Turing Motor Show, where all the most sentient cars show up to prove that they can hold a conversation, leaving the buxom blondes unnecessary.

  5. Chris Yocum Avatar
    Chris Yocum

    Anyone know what happened to this car and where it ended up?