Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1951 Chevrolet Thrift Master Panel Truck

Continuing on with our Vintage Panel Truck Weekend, I have realized that this has been as very Ford-centric weekend of postings, so here is something a little different, A Chevrolet! This particular model is from the Morrison Motor Co. in Concord, NC. I have showcased some of their vehicles in the past, and this Chevy Panel Van is just as beautiful as any other vehicle they may have on their lot. Make the jump to see more…

According to the Auto Trader Classics Listing:

1951 Chevrolet 3100 Thrift Master Panel Truck! Red Exterior Color with Tan Interior! 3 on the Tree with a 6 Cylinder!

Short and Sweet. Anyway, Mileage on this Chevy is undisclosed, but it looks like it has been treated to a full restoration, as I can’t find a thing wrong in any of the images. Tires are Bias-Ply reproductions, and there is a bit more chrome plating than most work trucks were finished in at that time, but so what? This truck virtually glistens with class, something that you won’t find in modern day panel vans. Take a look at the Auto Trader Listing here, and see all the images from the Dealer Web Site, and tell me is the asking price of $31,900 excessive?

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