Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro Stock

Hunter S. Thompson probably drove one of these.

Just when AMCs of yore are transcending their ironic-kitsch status into becoming genuinely collectible cars, here comes a Pacer that threatens to blow everybody’s cheeseball notions right back into the Stone Age.

This car checks so many automotive lust boxes that it seems hopelessly redundant to list them again. But if you’re just joining in, here goes:

  1. It’s an AMC.
  2. It’s a Pacer.
  3. It’s a Pacer wagon.
  4. It’s brown. Glorious, glorious brown.
  5. It’s got wood trim. ORIGINAL wood trim.
  6. It’s a Pacer.
  7. It’s got a LS7 attached (presumably with more substantial material than the rest of the Pacer) to a Powerglide and Ford 9-inch rear.
  8. With said LS7, it’s good for 10:24 in the quarter-mile at 131.96mph.
  9. It’s a Pacer wagon.
  10. It comes with a matching golf cart. (Buy one get one free!)
  11. The golf cart also has wood trim.
  12. The 8-track player is permanently wired to Foghat.

Or it would if it had one, anyway. Because when you’re driving a 30-year old Kenosha product with the oft-derided aerodynamic properties of a fishbowl, you’ve got to listen to something to drown out the laughter from bystandersbefore you blow their asymmetrical doors off.

Rock on, Garth. This wagon is business in the front, and party all over.

How many cases of Schlitz can it hold? Let's find out.

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  1. Jim-Bob Avatar

    Sad to see a vehicle as awesome as a Pacer wagon cut up like this. Plus, couldn't they have at least kept it AMC powered? I HATE seeing AMC products with engines from lesser manufacturers under their hoods.

    1. facelvega Avatar

      Agreed. There are lots of cars that can get a Corvette engine, why ruin an AMC with one? Also, those wheels are wretched. It's too bad as the donor car that has been frankensteined was about as desirable a color and body style as a pacer gets.

    2. facelvega Avatar

      if I pacer could fit a 304 back in the day, then an amc 401 should fit just as well:
      <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/Amc401v8-1.jpg"&gt;

    3. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      'Small block/LS -> everything' is a plague of boringness. I realize it's faster for cheaper; but with a project like this, that's clearly not the real point.

    4. Maymar Avatar

      Would you make an exception for something from the Chrysler family, should the builder want something a little more modern. At the very least, the 4.7 is supposed to be an AMC design.

  2. mad_science Avatar

    More things in life need to come with matching golf carts.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    Eff. This is by far, the best wagon I have seen today.
    And bonus golf carts? Jesus Christ, this is a good deal.

  4. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    It's wild. It's out of control. It requires serious medication.
    Great HST allusion.

  5. acarr260 Avatar

    Hot Rod magazine called it The Flying Aquarium on their cover.
    The only thing that really bothers me is that someone did this pro stock treatment to a car that had 9k original miles with a near-perfect original paint and interior. I guess maybe the engine had seized from sitting dormant for an extended period of time… much like my father's old Chevelle.

  6. tiberiusẅisë Avatar

    Needs moar angry eyes.
    <img src="http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTpfTxF0h-hA5E-w5uchKLz7CZI4_P1fKfzN2x4nrbQFpZ4s702&quot; width="400">
    Seriously, the only thing left to ask for would be a matching trailer.

  7. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
    B'gads that's awesome. You could put a hat on it and call it a thing.

  8. goingincirclez Avatar

    The Pacer might be the only car which I *don't* prefer in the wagon version. Maybe it's because the wagon came around when they butchered the front end and made it…. dare I say uglier? And not "cute" ugly. More like Gargamel ugly. At any rate, it's the original fishbowl panels, or a Gremlin. I normally pretend these don't exist. Yet everything about this car (with the possible exception of the unimaginative LS) is lust in the loins… but if it were the standard fishbowl with the original grille, I'd be wiping a dubious substance off my screen right now.

  9. omg_grip Avatar

    I'd DD it.

  10. ptrain2124 Avatar

    [youtube fdjJai397kI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdjJai397kI youtube]

  11. CptSevere Avatar

    I don't care if it has a SBC, this thing is just plain sick. Imagine losing a race to this beast, and having to explain how your ass just got handed to you by a Pacer, of all things.

  12. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    First thing I did after reading this article? Jump on Craigslist and search "Pacer Wagon"