Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday: Audi A4 Avant There-I-Fixed-It Edition

Audispray is a saltwater-based solution designed to help with clogged-feeling ears. I’m still trying to find something to clean my eyes with after looking through these photos of a DIY Audi shot in Finland.

It’s one thing to fix your own car, it’s perfectly alright to try to make it feel like your own, but I’m having a tough time trying to figure out why on earth the owner of this 2001 Audi A4 Avant has chosen to repeatedly spray, sand, spackle and bondo his car into this undescribable condition. What’s more, it’s a work in progress. Make the jump for more photos. They’re all that bad.

The Audi was photographed on an apartment complex’s parking lot by a workmate of Edvin-the-friend-of-Hooniverse; he says it’s an older gentleman (apparently a retired police officer) fixing the Audi. The photographer says it’s common to see the Audi man working on his car, all dressed up in Sunday’s best, doing some of the most visually attacking bodywork after the terror that is the infamous Dragon Vette. Seriously, I’m half-waiting for the guy to screw some Audi rings on the sheetmetal.

And like I said, it’s a work in progress. These three photos were taken last month, but later the Audi’s progressed to a more uniform colour.

The story goes the Audi man always sets on to improve the paintwork on every car he gets. They’re apparently perfectly serviceable as they come, with little more to fix than can be expected of a 10-year-old car or so, but the guy decides to repaint them yearly at the safety of his own home.

And let me get this straight, I’m not ridiculing the man for what he chooses to do, especially if he’s a gentleman of advanced age. If he chooses to do his bodywork himself, I salute him for that. If he wants his car to look and feel like no other car, that’s absolutely fine. If he smoothes out the prep work by what looks like wielding a butterknife, or only uses the bare minimum of masking tape, it’s up to him. But I tell you, it’s going to be somewhat challenging for whoever gets his car next to undo any of his doing.

In this case it’s probably the best to shield his identity and blur the plates. But as his Midas touch extends to the actual plates, I had to leave the number section unblurred. Also note the smoothed-in hatch handle, the colour-coded lock, and subtle debadging.

Be sure to keep your receiver tuned to the Hooniverse channel in case the project continues. I cannot wait to see where this is going.

Update July 2nd: This is where it’s going! Apparently it’s not a big deal to use an electric sander in the rain. Also, overspray.


[Images: That One Guy Edvin Knows]

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