Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – 1996 Ford Aerostar XLT

As I’ve said, there are often certain cars in this town that I continuously attempt to hunt down and photograph. I’ve managed to do just that on several occasions, even if it has taken a few months for the car to appear in such light that it would photograph decently.

This 1996 Aerostar isn’t in perfect nick for posting as it’s surprisingly dirty – and the sunshine at noon was actually a bit harsh for my iPhone to pull through perfectly – but there it is, stationary and with enough space around so it fits in the picture. It’s about the same size as a space shuttle, so I needed to stand way back on the cobbled street.

The Aerostar is hunt-down-worthy, really. I’m positive there’s another one somewhere here, but this is the one I had my sights on. It’s a curious car and the woodland green (or whatever the actual name for the shade is) doesn’t exactly fit the super-super-’80s cheese block shape as well as just regular plain old appliance white would. You see surprisingly many Trans Sports here, and there’s a Windstar on my daily parking lot almost every day, but those aren’t as interesting.

Anybody familiar with Deschenes Auto & RV Center in Jaffrey, New Hampshire? That’s where the Aerostar’s started its journey here.

The Aerostar must, in fact, be the most utilitarian car I know. It doesn’t even look like it would have been available for private sales. This one has the 3.0-litre Vulcan V6, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if the car would’ve been available with a turbocharged engine for that extra-’80s feeling.

This is the best angle for the angular Aerostar. It even looks like the windshield line continues straight to the hood’s leading edge without a change in the angle.

What next? Well, I’d like to see a Vision here somewhere, and I’m looking for that Tempo too…


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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