Hooniverse via Automotive Traveler: Supercharged 650-Horsepower Mr. Norm's 2010 Camaro

Automotive Travelers’ Rich Truesdell was occupied over the July 4th weekend driving the new RPO SERIES L78 Kenne Bell-supercharged 2010 Camaro in Death Valley.

Mr. Norms Garage is better known for their MOPAR connections. However, this is not always the case, as Rich Truesdell tells us about his drive of this exciting Camaro.

One of the truly great things about this job are all the cars that I get to drive, often before almost anyone else has the chance. This past weekend, thanks to great connections at Mr. Norm’s Garage and Kenne Bell, I had the opportunity to go prototype hunting in Death Valley from behind the wheel of Jim Bell’s personal 650-horsepower 2010 Camaro. It’s the one with his exclusive and patent-pending liquid-cooled supercharger, the stage-one 650-horsepower RPO SERIES L78 six-speed package. And this time, I had company for the long trip, Debbie and Larry Weiner. They run the Performance West Group, which, coincidentally, handles media relations for both Mr. Norm’s Garage and Kenne Bell. These are the people who made last summer’s Tire Melting 101 Challenger feature one of the most-read articles on AutomotiveTraveler.com, and the images among the most downloaded of our screensavers. So without further delay, let’s get to the heart of the story.

Read more over at Automotive Traveler, and to see a complete image gallery, go here!

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