Hooniverse Van-Tastic Weekend – The Tag Says "Dry Clean Only"

I can't be alone in wanting to make a WRX powerplant fit in this Subie...

While the big powerful domestic vans are perfect for those people who need to haul around, say, a thousand pounds of cardboard boxes, what about those people who need to haul, say, seven dozen roses. Or six Honda alternators?
Let’s face it, not everyone needs the space and utility offered by a full-size van. Obviously, this is the reason Ford recently introduced the Ford Transit Connect; in Canada, however, Ford is pretty late to the game. In all the major cities, these kei-trucks are everywhere, and used by businesses as small delivery vehicles. They have enormous utility, and a tiny footprint. I’ve driven a Mitsubishi Delica 4×4, and while it is a bit of a frightening experience, the appeal is undeniable.

I submit that these little vehicles are the spiritual successors of the cabover Econolines from the 1960’s. They feel similar, they are just as… weird… to drive, and their emphasis is on a small size with maximum utility. We’ve already established that there is a market for these vans around here… but what about in your neck of the woods? Would a micro-van like this have a buyer where you live?

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