Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday: Who's The Boss?

It’s BikeWeek down here in the World Center of Racing and since this olelongrooffan is now gainfully employed selling trailers, I am busier that a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. However, I did spot something today that, at least to me, is just over the top.

That’s it right there. The first $115,000.00 motorcycle I have ever seen. Although I spotted a Viper a whiles back at the Winter Park Concours, this one is much more colorful.

It has a totally custom look and is, as the owner says, a one off.

All the way down to the gator skin seat.

Get this, it is powered by a Dunovan 606 cubic inch all aluminum racing motor. It has solid lifters, titanium rods, Edelbrock heads, and that is just what I was able to write down as the enthusiastic owner was describing it.

As this olelongrooffan is not really into bikes and definitely not a subscriber to this type of graphics, I am quite speechless in trying to describe them.

And as has been said many times, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Oh yeah, that 606 has been “dumbed down” to 700 horsepower with 740 foot pounds of torque so it can run on pump gas.

It’s a work of art alright and I am sure there are a bunch of my fellow Hoons who would love to Hoon this. But at this price, I could buy a shitload of cool old cars that would suit this olelongrooffan just fine.

BTW: Boss Hoss has a dealer locater on their website so you can build one of your own.

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