Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday: What's Their Nickname? Who Cares? These Are Sweet.

Ssshhh…don’t tell the Hooniverse Overlords but I’m sneaking this one in. Now, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan doesn’t want to come off as being conceited or egotistical but sometimes I just stumble onto some cool old shit. And today at the end of my eleven hour day selling 4, count em 4, motorcycle trailers (my coworker sold 8 so there) I spotted some pretty cool motorcycles over on A1A and I just had to share some images of them with you. There was a trio of old BMW motorcycles hanging in the parking lot of one of the hotels that, ironically, thejeepjunkie’s better half’s employer has in their local chain. I was passing by at less than the mandated speed of 35 mph, it is BikeWeek afterall, and spotted these, among a sea of Harleys, in that beachfront parking lot. As my fellow Hoons might suspect, I whipped a Ueee and checked them out. The two out front were seemingly identical with the exception of color and gas tank. Both of them had a Bing carb on them. Out back was a kickass vintage, restored Bimmer with a sidecar attached. While it was not the Ural two wheel drive I spotted last fall it is damned sweet. Interestingly enough, just above the rear tail light on this bike there is a hinge allowing the fender to be raised up but it had support rods seemingly preventing this from happening. The yellow bike with the sidecar was sporting what appeared to be a new gauge showing a significantly low number of kilometers. The obviously ridden white one showed 72,775 miles on its clock. While the blue one displayed 61,550 miles. That bike in the above image is the same shade as thejeepjunkie’s ’46 CJ2A and is probably of a very similar vintage. I studied the data plate on the two single R75/5 bikes to try and ascertain the year they were built but without success. But know this my fellow Hoons, all three of them were a fantastic find and they were great to see, with the surf pounding in the background, for this exhausted olelongrooffan. And this olelongrooffan also noted the white one seemed to be taking lessons from its across the Channel British cousins.

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