Hooniverse Two-Wheel Tuesday – The Bikes of ACS '12

Last Saturday, I took a quick peek at the local American Car Show here in Kokkola, Finland. More from the four-wheeled display pieces later, but here’s a glance at the two-wheel goodness that occupied an another room at the venue.

Let’s start with this well-prepared 1982 Honda CB1100R. It’s a classic ’80s hero bike. I especially like the red seat and gold detailing down to the wheels.

It might take a hero to operate this Suzuki GSX-R 1300 with a turbo, too.

A Ducati took part, too.

Here’s a bunch of custom Harleys:

The rust-covered Harley is apparently a 1950 example.

Here are some smaller runabouts:

Two little Jawas, a ’55 and ’57.

A Matchless and an Ariel. My granddad used to ride an Ariel back in the ’50s, before he bought a Skoda. Apparently he, a carpenter, was happier with the motorcycle than the somewhat unreliable Octavia.

Here, with these ’20s bikes, you really see how they’ve developed from motorized bicycles. The 1921 Hella is somewhat motorcycle-like, but the 39cc Fuchs behind it isn’t fooling anyone.

And here are two 1929 bikes: a Husqvarna and a Harley again.

To finish the post off, here are two Monarks, a Simson (the red one) and a Tunturi.

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