Hooniverse Tudor Tuesday: A New Toy For An Unknown Hoon

So, a few weeks ago just prior to BikeWeek down here in the World Center of Racing, this olelongrooffan was sitting in my office when this sweet sight pulled into the trailer lot.

It turns out it was a dealer friend of ours from up in PA stopping in to show his latest toy purchase from the Mecum auction down in MickeyMouseLand earlier in the week.

Yeah, it’s a blown to hell 63 split window Corvette painted in the brightest shade of yellow known to man. I’m not a real fan of this type of modification, nor most modifications BTW, but this olelongrooffan can appreciate the workmanship applied to this C2.

Anyway Rich hauled that Vette back to PA, sold it and the trailer he purchased from us and headed back on down for the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm last weekend. Can’t wait to see what he picked up there.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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