Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Yet Another Caddy From This olelongrooffan

Yeah, another one from this olelongrooffan. So while this olelongrooffan was visiting the cold white north, I was lucky enough to come across a couple cool old vehicles rarely seen still wandering around out in the wild. This was one of them.

It is a venerable Volkswagon Rabbit Pickup, affectionately known as the Caddy in other parts of our great planet. This ole oil burner was spotted out front of a nationally known trailer manufacturing plant in Elkhart, Indiana.  That tri city area appears to be the trailer manufacturing center of the United States.

While we were in Indiana, this Caddy was licensed in the great state of Michigan, just about fifteen miles away. The interior was in overall good shape and it showed 213,000.9 on its anolog odometer. Yeah, an even odd number is why it is so easily remembered by this olelongrooffan. Those miles had been accumulated via a 5 speed transmission.

Now this sweet pickemuptruck has seen some salty roads in its lifetime but I thought it was certainly not too rusted out as to not be Hooniworthy. But, hey Hoons, rust adds character doesn’t it?

This long bed Caddy is certainly desirable to me even if it is topped off with a topper of questionable color and taste.

The chrome front bumper reminds me of the front porch seen on that Ranchero I spotted out at the track a few weeks ago and the rubber bumpers allow me to reminisce about my lonely Commanche back at home without me in the Birthplace of Speed.

And even though I am a newbie to the trailer industry, this olelongrooffan suspects that this off center trailer hitch ball would be a bit tricky to manuever while trailering a, well, trailer down the road.

Overall, a cool Hooniworthy ride and this olelongrooffan is not quite as lonesome for my Taj Mahal after seeing it.

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