Hooniverse Truck Thursday – The Trucks of May 1st Cruise

As sure as today’s Thursday, I’m posting a selected amount of truckin’ goodness from the May Day Cruise through our town. This ’60s Scania-Vabis was the biggest partaker I saw that day.

How about a Wagoneer? This is the main reason I wanted to keep posting the cruise content. It’s such a Hooniverse-embodying truck.

Another badassery candidate is a flat black Ranchero. Seriously, that front on that thing is the size of two grand pianos.

Can I interest you in a Chevy truck? How about several?

These guys pulled off a cheeky burnout. I’d imagine the local paper would have someone complaining about a squirming truck burning rubber two metres away from kids sitting on the street, but so far there hasn’t been a word.

This is the El Camino I saw a while ago. The electric blue looked more violent/violet in broad daylight, compared to the darker tone it appeared in overcast weather in iPhone shots.

Here’s another El Camino, in semi-gloss black. This guy opted for fatter rear tyres, so I wonder what’s the deal under the hood.

Anybody a customer of Bubba’s Bullet Gun Shop? 🙂

The last installments of the cruise series will be on Friday. Don’t change the channel.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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