Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Let's Travel To The Harvest, Shall We?

My fellow Hoons, I realize this could fit equally in the Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday as well as the Hooniverse Truck Thursday section of this ever growing blog of which this olelongrooffan is so honored to be a part. I chose to include it on Truck Thursday as this olelongrooffan spotted it while at work (ssshhh..don’t tell anybody) on Wednesday. As it is BikeWeek down here in the World Center of Racing and I now am finally gainfully employed selling something other than new residential construction, the opportunity for me to generate a post during working hours is virtually nonexistent. So here it is Wednesday evening and with a cocktail courtesy of the big, blue Skye, I present one of the few posts I have done that is not about a personal experience of mine.

However, to see what this creature is, my fellow Hoons will have to make the jump.

But first, what the hell is that filler cap doing on top of the generator/alternator/air conditioner belt driven thingee?

This olelongrooffan seldom links to other blogs, (I can count on one hand the number of times I have done so…check that one out regularly my fellow Hoons…) mostly without success and as there are so many other talented Hoon contributors who do so much better than I, I choose not to. But this olelongrooffan couldn’t pass this one up.

Hemmings blog is a super cool classic car blog that I have followed for some time. As a young olelongrooffan, I used to read from cover to cover TheGentlemanFarmer’s newspaper page thin hardcopy of the Hemmings Motor News book bible magazine every time it arrived in our rural route post office box. Anyway, once again, I’m getting away…Over at Hemmings, those zany New Englander’s do a Hemmings Find of The Day featuring a vehicle listed in their classified section. Just a few from recent memory include a Ford Crestline Skyliner somewhat similar, as least in origin,to the one this olelongrooffan talked about here, a 69 Impala Big Block Impala SS hardtop coupe and a 56 Gasser Chevy sedan delivery. Yeah, quite a variety of cool old stuff over there. You should check it out, once my fellow Hoons have finished here and the uber cool Hooniverse Forum and Facebook (what I’m not a FB friend?) sections of these interwebs.

So, anyway, over there they featured this nearly pristine 1968 International Travelall. Now I am certain that any attempt to gather up replacement parts for this “SUV/Wagon” will be an exercise in futility. Hell, my parts friends once told me if I bought an International Scout this olelongrooffan would have to find new parts friends, but damn, when was, if ever, the last time my fellow Hoons saw one of these in the flesh? Much less in this condition? And check out the profile lines of this beauty. Sure, there will be some who say “Needs more 4 x 4” or “rubber parts dissolving at will” or even “whitewall tires WTF?”

But my fellow Hoons, the purchase and use of this longroof to this olelongrooffan would be an absolute Hoot even if the ride home wouldn’t be as eventful as the retrieval of this one.

The link over to the Hemmings post is here. Thanks Daniel. Check it out. And trust this olelongrooffan at 13 large, this is the Deal Of The Day.

And continuing this olelongrooffan’s shameless self promotion as instructed by the Hooniverse Overlords, check out By The Numbers for a stupidly random post.

And this International Travelall could only be more desirable if it possessed barn doors on the ass end of it. Although the flow through ventilation of the lowerable rear window would be much appreciated.

image src= blog.hemmings.com (I think I did that correctly) If not, the Skye is falling.

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