Hooniverse Truck Thursday – For Sale: 1986 GAZ 66

Liked Jim’s GAZ Chaika post? How’s this for a deal? Here’s a 1986 (surprisingly late) model year GAZ 66, for sale for a reasonably affordable price of 2500 EUR. It always galls me somehow to use Euros as the currency for Russian/Soviet cars/trucks advertised for sale, as they should only be sold for either roubles or dollars.

Make the jump for more pics and scroll down for video. Yes, there’s a seven-minute video of the Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod product going ’round.

The GAZ 66 was actually manufactured from 1964 to 1999. It was powered by a 115-horsepower 4254cc OHV V8, which is quite a bit weedier than it should have, isn’t it?

With a weight of 3,4 tons, it does 10mpg town and 12-15mpg highway; top speed is a limited 59mph. On the dash it says not to exceed 60km/h. I wouldn’t dare to.

The seller says the truck has 8000 km on the clock. That’s not doubtful, it’s ex-Finnish military by the looks of it and the trucks didn’t do much else there than sit dormant or wait for repair. I’ve fiddled with one and rode in another, and in addition to the monster truck sound theatrics I remember there being an indentation in the rear wall so there’s room for the driver for engage all of the gears on the way rear-mounted gearbox.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”483″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7fLrgQBK74[/youtube]

The video is a bit mosaic-y, but definitely badass. I especially like the reverse-hard-into-deep-snow bit at 5:50.

It runs and has a winch on the front. How do you like it?

[Link for the ad (partially in Finnish) | Image credit: Nettiauto.com]

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