Hooniverse Truck Thursday – Caged Canary Land Cruiser

Down in mines, it was apparently common to keep a caged canary to notify miners when the air was getting too toxic.

This 1984 Land Cruiser is also yellow and inside a cage, but it’s best kept where the air is fresh and roads unpaved.

With a pattern of effective-looking lights on its sturdy bull bar, it’s been prepared for off-roady outings. It’s most likely been registered as a van, as the high glassfibre roof signifies; but the high top is also been deemed too brittle and it’s needed some extra protection. There’s also a snorkel fitted for the 4.0-litre diesel engine, so it can breath where the water gets too high.

There’s often a winch fitted on Land Cruisers I see on the streets, but this one takes the cake as it’s the most convincing and most well-used setup so far. It also looks like it’s taken a few knocks.

The truck has been registered first in Lapland, and I think it’s looked a lot different back in 1984. The yellow colour is certainly not too finely applied, as there’s not as much overspray as complete lack of care towards the door handles; they haven’t been prepped or protected but just rattlecanned over. There are also black sections, most likely in places where there has been rust at some point.

At the back, there are binliner tints all around and a couple of proper reversing lights – as well as the customary tow bar.

The wheels look surprisingly fancy, by the way. How do you like this Toyota, does it sing more sweetly to you than the other Land Cruisers posted?

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