Hooniverse: The Calendar

Ok, before y’all get too excited, no, we do not have a Hooniverse calendar coming out, that I know of anyway.  Though that would be pretty friggin awesome… I mean I would totally buy like 3 and I know like 4 other people who would also buy some. but I digress… During a recent alcohol-fueled SchMOARgasbord pow-wow on Facebook, it was determined that an event calendar would greatly benefit the masses.  I know of at least 3 prominent hoon-worthy events that I plan to attend this year which will also be fellow Hoon meet-n-greets.  In the coming days/weeks/maybe by this summer, I would like to put together an extensive calendar of events for those of you who want to get your butts off the couch and come participate.  I need your help though.  Send me your tips so I can add them to the “calendar.”  Races, car shows, auto expo’s, whatever, if you know of something let me know.  Send your tips to masterschmo at gmail dot com or the tips link at the top of the page and I will try and keep the calendar up-to-date throughout the year. photo credit

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