Hooniverse Rolex24 Week: It's Finally Race Day

So this olelongrooffan is sitting between two buddie’s motorcoaches out at the Daytona International Speedway and I thought I would share with my fellow Hoons my Friday of Rolex24 Week, 2012.

It started with an excellent viewing of some vintage race cars and then

I headed over to the airport to perform my middle eastern turban wearing duties and pick up fellow Hoon, Bradley Brownell who’s in the World Center of Racing for the Rolex24 at the Daytona International Speedway. As we were heading down International Speedway Boulevard in my beater old Commanche, the light drizzle we were experiencing required the use of my intermittent wipers, yeah, intermittently I will switch them on and off, and the driver’s side wiper arm completely fell off! Yeah, my fellow Hoons, we both got a chuckle out of that. I was able to salvage it and return it to its proper resting place. Embarassment is not a word in this olelongrooffan’s vocabulary.

Well, regardless of the hazards involved in traveling with this olelongrooffan, Bradley was safely transported to from the airport to the credentials office and delivered to the Speedway without further incident. Subsequently, I returned to check on the progress of Manuel Labor only to realize he had bolted for the day and I decided to do the same.

I shamelessly stole my brother’s, thejeepjunkie, killer pass to the Daytona International Speedway that expires on February 26 and headed to the track for the weekend.

I arrived at motorhome spot number 510 just as the Continental Tire Series BMW Performance 200 was getting underway. It was a good clean race with a local favorite as the victor. I’ll leave the actual race reporting to my much more qualified counterpart in Hoonage here at the track this weekend.

Instead, this olelongrooffan will share with my fellow Hoons some of the Hoonalicious things I spotted on my way to the concession area and onto the garages.
It seems I spotted a whole lot more cars on hooks this year than in years past. A situation I will be able to avoid as Bradley was polite enough to pass along his Media parking pass to this olelongrooffan.

The Porsche Club of America always has a strong turnout for this race and I spotted several nice specimens.

And I have to say this about that. Attendees at this event are always creative in their means of spectating. Whether it be elaborate setups such as the scaffolding above or

merely a bar stool on a sheet of plywood across the rear of a Blue Oval product.

Just outside the Grassroots Motorsports Experience booth was this quite nice old school Toyota FJ.

And this thing above. It proudly displays its name on the front bug shield. “VUCK”

And in the tent section is this vintage 356 and it is definitely sporting its original patina.

Down at the concession area, one of my motorhome dwelling friends is checking out some goodies to take back to Baton Rouge with him on Sunday.

And I spotted this vintage Targa in the PCA compound.

As this olelongrooffan loves me some car haulers, I captured an image of an original oil painting to share with all ya’ll.

And as I stated to one of my buds in this diecast booth, “I’ll take one of each.”

Amber, this olelongrooffan is always thinking of you.

I’m sorry, at a buckfifteen, this cool car hauler is just a bit beyond my budget.

My buddy, RJ, spotted this Ferrari and knew it by name.

This one also.

But it took this olelongrooffan to identify this one for everyone.

Well, since the garages close in two hours, we had better get on our way.

But not before an image I’m sure muthalovin will appreciate.

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