Hooniverse Presents: The Crown Victoria Incubator

Here at Hooniverse the demise of Ford’s Panther platform left a void in our hearts. While some did not care much for its aged design, others did shed a few tears. Whichever side of the Panther you stand on however, you will find this interesting. It appears as though the California Highway Patrol went on a Crown Vic buying spree.

[Source: Telstar Logistics]

Our friends at the world famous Telstar Logistics recently went to the CHP Fleet Operations facility to check out what the venerable is being replaced with. To their amazement, they found… dozens, perhaps hundreds of brand new Crown Vics. Many still with factory window stickers, customer ordered in black with white doors (a factory option). Amazing.

The sun setting over the Crown Vics created an equally amazing metaphor. For those looking for a slightly used ex-cop Crown Vic, the sun isn’t setting yet.

Coming up next, we find out about the Crown Vic nursing home.

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