Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 316 – Watches and Wheels with Nick Ferrell of DC Vintage Watches

Yes, it’s another podcast that combines talk of watches and wheels. But we promise this one is interesting because our guest Nick Ferrell of DC Vintage Watches specializes in more affordable old timepieces. Nick is a Seiko expert and his passion for the brand is loud and clear. He loves lots of other watches too, of course, and he also loves cars and bikes. And we talk about it all on episode 315 of the Hooniverse Podcast.

Check out Nick’s store at https://www.dcvintagewatches.com/

If you’d prefer the audio-only version, head to https://anchor.fm/hooniverse or check us out wherever you normally get your podcast party on. We’re on AppleGoogleSpotify, and more!

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