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Hooniverse Podcast: Ep 301 – Is this thing still on?

I guess it’s been a while, eh? So anyway the podcast is back – It’s myself and my new co-host Ron Baugh. We’ve got an audio-only version of the podcast available on Anchor.FM if you want to go there and check that out:


But hey, thanks for sticking around if you’ve been wanting more podcast… here it comes!

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7 responses to “Hooniverse Podcast: Ep 301 – Is this thing still on?”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    After carefully collecting episodes 1-8 and both episodes 10 of the first iteration of the podcast and episodes 1-300 of the second iteration of the podcast, it’s no longer downloadable as an MP3 file? Sigh. This is all because I let my Hooniverse Gold subscription lapse, isn’t it?

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Have a look at the anchor.fm link, they seem to be there.

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      MP3? I presumed you would have them on phonograph media.

    3. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      We’re pressing pieces of vinyl later this year. But I thought it was downloadable via the Anchor.FM link as stated below?

      1. Maymar Avatar

        It’s streamable through anchor.fm, absolutely, although there seems to be no way to save the file as an mp3 (along with any of the other podcast hosts linked on the anchor page). At least that’s what I assume the good Dr is looking for (I also usually habitually save podcasts to listen to, although it probably only makes sense when I have a ton of something to catch up on).

        1. mdharrell Avatar

          Yeah, that’s as far as I managed to get. If there’s a way to save it, I don’t see it.

          1. outback_ute Avatar

            I just used a download extension in the web browser, start playing the podcast and the mp3 will be available