Hooniverse Malaise-O-Rama Weekend – A 1978 Ford LTD Landau Coupe

Continuing on with our Malaise-O-Rama Weekend, here is every cliche of that era all rolled into one enormous 2-Door. The Ford Motor Company was probably the most flamboyant of the car companies during this era, with bright paintwork, flourishes of every description decorating the body, enough jewelry to make a drag queen envious, and everything was over the top. Lets take a look at what Ford did to compete in this era of excess.

The Ford Galaxie and LTD, the full-sized cars that were produced in a Four Door Sedan, Two Door Coupe, and Station Wagon body styles over a broad range of models and trim groups. We here at Hooniverse have highlighted many of the wagon versions, with our favorite being the Country Squire wood paneled version. This is the very same platform that was used in the Police Departments and Highway Patrols of the era trimmed in the most basic of materials. So how do you get the customer to notice your bread and butter offering when they are considering a Monte Carlo, Cutlass Supreme, or a Chrysler Cordoba? You put lipstick on it, with a lot of Jewelry, and throw the Landau name on it.

Did I say Jewelry? Ford basically troweled on the enhancements, and you will never see any of these trimmings on a car today. In the front, there is the headlamp covers that hide the headlamps, only the covers are framed in chrome, with a plastic flourish. The grill is big, with a stand-up hood ornament perched in front of a landing strip. Along the sides are very thick rub strips, in a contrasting color, so that you can park your Aircraft Carrier in a parking lot without fear of door dings.

Opera Windows were popular, and this LTD Landau has them; Two of them on each side, with LTD stickers in the smaller one to make it look like it was etched. Of course it has a 1/2 Vinyl Roof, that surrounds the rear windows, along with an enormous rear reflector placed on the rear deck that surrounds more filigree. The rear fenders have a set of wheel skirts, which serve no purpose what-so-ever except to trap moisture, and get in the way when changing a rear tire. The rims are forged Aluminum with no cooling slots for the brakes.

But the inside it where all the action is. White Vinyl over Lipstick Red Carpets will make you feel like a Disco Dancer on the way to Studio 54, with that expansive bench seat to let you spread your legs to relieve some of the pressure on your crotch because of the very tight pants your wearing. The added bonus of this expansive bench is the fact that you and your Disco Mama can “Get Down” without the bother of a cheap motel.

The engine providing the motivation if the 400 cubic inch, Ford V-8 engine, with a two barrel carb and a three-speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. The acceleration will be leisurely, but it will get you there. The interior is also filled with flourishes you will never see again, like script LTD badges on the doors, red seat belts, and manual window regulators! This car has only 54,000 miles on it. Currently, the bidding has stalled at $5,395, with an unmet reserve. See the eBay Listing here.

So, what would you pay for this Queen of de-Nile?

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  1. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

    Ick. What was the point in fullsize coupes after the hardtop bodystyle went away? The attempts by the Big Three to replace the pillarless look were laughable, and this is one of the worst. The GM B-bodies with Colonnade rooflines take the prize, though.
    I've got a period ad sitting around advertising the virtue of the big '78 Ford's "road-hugging weight," pitching the car as an alternative to the downsized Cadillac. Ha. Sadly, though, the curb weight of a loaded new Taurus comes very close to this barge.

  2. facelvega Avatar

    I see almost nothing wrong with this car. I'd drive it, though if I was shopping classic malaise I think I'm more of a Cordoba man.

  3. west_coaster Avatar

    Whenever I see one of these, a single, memorable phrase comes to mind:
    "A Quinn Martin production."

    1. tonyola Avatar

      <img src="http://i52.tinypic.com/2lavnut.jpg&quot; width=500>

  4. Paul_y Avatar

    I'd take a 71-76 GM B-body coupe over this monstrosity any day.

  5. tonyola Avatar

    While not much of the styling for the Big Three was wonderful during the '70s, it was Ford who usually came off as worst. Bulky, blocky bodies, baroque grilles, filligrees everywhere, and every cliche in the book. Ford also did the worst job with impact bumpers – look at how far these chrome railroad ties extend from the car. While GM and Chrysler biggies were not less overdecorated, their basic bodies were far more attractive and stylish. This LTD is hideous and you honestly could not give it to me no matter the condition – I'd refuse it.

  6. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    I look at this car and all I can think is, "Vegas road trip!" Was this completely overwrought with malaise bling? Oh yes. But all that bling … with the red paint and the white landau and interior … it just screams "we were 15 miles outside Barstow when the drugs started kicking in …"

  7. njhoon Avatar

    As a kid coming into my own during Malaise I fondly look back at these. I'd love to rock this.
    Also, maybe I'm sick, but this body just screams to make it a sled with a chopped top and lowered. Anybody with me?

  8. Black Steelies Avatar

    As bad as Ford styling was in the 70's, I think this is the best it got. Compared to everything else it is relatively clean and organized. Altogether it brings to mind various Chryslers of the same time and earlier, I would even call it a rip-off. But stealing malaise styling is one bass-ackwards crime.

  9. Simon Avatar

    I just love the cars of this era..some people clearly don't get it ..the excess, size and general inefficiency of the 70s are so gloriously over the top as to thumb the nose at our current terminal environmeatal and political correctness. THis car exudes greatness with the plush white vinyl seats, bordello red seatbelts, hide away head lights, no less than double opera windows. Contrast the luxo with the menaess of manual window winders and a basic dash board and you have a winner !!

  10. big-d Avatar

    I have a car just like it but i have a460v8 and in yello whith 100000 miles on it

  11. JM in SoCal Avatar
    JM in SoCal

    As a kid I rode endless miles on road trips with my family on a 75 and 78 LTD's and 81 Caprice. I have fond memories of the 70's land yachts! I also checked the technical specs of these cars, laughable!

  12. B B Avatar
    B B

    what a huge difference between the silver oldsmobile and this car.