Hooniverse is going to the Mecum auction this weekend!

This is seriously for sale this weekend – and I WANT IT!
That’s right friends, it is time to experience one of these super auctions first hand. My bags are packed, pre-flight…zero hour is 8am. I am heading to Kissimmee, FL this weekend to see how these events shake down. The folks at Mecum have generously provided me with a press pass, but as an added wrinkle I will be looking at the event through the eye of someone who is looking to buy some classic American iron. Well… not directly. I have been invited by a father and son duo that I have known since I was in 7th grade. The father is looking to come home with a view vehicles and some memorabilia for his garage. The chance to attend an auction and be pseudo-part of the bidding process is an exciting prospect. I look forward to sharing my stories with you when I return. Here are a few of the interesting items up for bid this weekend:
Hardtop convertible!
A classic car hauler
1 of only 100 produced factory lightweight drag pack 2009 Chargers
"Hey fun boys…surf's…way up"
Crude Caption 1: If I get arrested this weekend, destroy the tail pipes… Crude Caption 2: Mecum? Yes
This is just a small sample of the awesomeness crossing the auction block this weekend. You can watch the action live this weekend on the Discovery Channel or HD Theather (AKA Fancy-Awesome Discovery). For more information on the auction, head to the Mecum website.

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