Hooniverse interviews Wayne Carini

Inspired by Bradley’s interview with Graham Rahal, I decided to conduct a series of my own interviews with people from within the automotive industry. My second victim interviewee is Wayne Carini, owner of F40 Motorsports and the host of Velocity’s Chasing Classic Cars.

I would like to point out that this interview stuff is not easy. The venue that we were at did not allow for a more candid conversation, such as the one which Bradley conducted with Graham. The future ones will be better, practice makes perfect.

[Lead image: Boston.com]

Ferrari 250 GT Lusso undergoing restoration at Wayne's shop.

Hooniverse: What is your favorite classic car?

Wayne Carini: 1960 Ferrari 250 SWB

Hooniverse: What do you drive daily?

Wayne Carini: 2004 VW Toureg, a hand-me-down from my wife who now drives an Audi Q5.

Hooniverse: Are you jealous of Dennis Cage’s mustache?

Wayne Carini: [laughs] Not at all.

Hooniverse: What would you recommend as an investment car?

Wayne Carini: For longer term I would look into Buicks. Buick is a very respected name in China and once  its heritage is recognized there it will create a demand for older Buicks. 

Other than that, anything that was made in limited numbers will be collectible. Some years ago the Hemicudas would fetch a ton of money at auctions, over a million, but that was a false market as so many of them were made. 

Hooniverse: Will any of the 1980s and 1990s Japanese cars become collectible?

Wayne Carini: The Mazda Cosmos stands out as excellent example of a collectible Japanese car. I have no doubt that Toyota Supra Turbos will follow a similar path. 

Hooniverse: Have you ever chased after or owned a Ferrari 288 GTO?

Wayne Carini: Yes, I had three of them. Very powerful car, very fun to drive. The brakes, tires, and suspension could not keep up with the engine however. Fun but scary. 

Hooniverse: What do you think of the built quality of the Ferrari F40 and other 1980s and 1990s Ferraris?

Wayne Carini: They all had issues with quality of plastics, interiors and electronics. The first unibodies were bad but the 348 was the worst of the bunch. The 328 was surprisingly good, and they got much better with the 360. 

Hooniverse: Thank you Wayne. Could I get a tour of the shop some day?

Wayne Carini: Sure, just pick a day, call me ahead to make sure I am around and we’ll schedule it.  

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