Hooniverse used to be powered by the Intense Debate comment system. It worked well for a while. And then it stopped working well. So we moved to Disqus. That platform is used all over the Internet and it’s familiar. The problem is that it’s also a rather heavy load on our system, isn’t talking nicely on the backend, and I’m tired of dealing with it. Also, I recently found out that it sells user data. So hey, that’s fun, right?!

So that’s why I’m exploring new comment system options. If you have any favorites, I’d love to hear them. But at the moment, my leading candidate is a quasi in-house built (WordPress, in-house, not Hooniverse… holy shit, that would be a terrible system) called WPDizcuz.

I’m sharing this info with you because you, the readers, matter a lot to us. So I’d like to keep you all happy. Circling back, if you have a preferred system you’ve seen work well on other sites, let us know. Otherwise, standby soon for the system I mentioned above.

Okay, back off broken websites and back on to broken cars!