Hooniverse goes to…Wendover Utah?

Ok well technically, Hooniverse went to Wendover Nevada to contribute some money to the Nevada Gaming Commission.  Interestingly enough, upon arrival we found the motel parking lot liberally sprinkled with SCCA track cars.  Interest piqued…   After wandering around the casino for about an hour and consuming 3 or 4 20-dollar beers we finally spotted a guy sporting an SCCA wristband.  Twenty minutes and twenty pulls on the slot machine later, we had the skinny on what was going on.  Just so happens there was an SCCA ProSolo event happening at the Historic Wendover Airfield back on the Utah side this weekend.  Our luck had just changed for the better.

Surely Mitch knows this guy…
What is SCCA ProSolo you might ask?

The Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo® combines the excitement of drag racing and the skill of Solo on side-by-side, mirror-image autocross courses. Lining up at the familiar “Christmas Tree” start, drivers compete heads-up in various classes by combining their fastest times from each course. After class competition is completed, all ProSolo events feature the top drivers from each class, competing head-to-head in a variety of single- elimination, handicapped Challenges. The Super Challenge determines the Top Eliminator for the event, the Ladies Challenge draws from the two Ladies classes, the Honda Tuner Challenge draws from the six “Street” classes, and the Bonus Challenge is for those who have not qualified for one of the other challenges.

Despite being sandblasted by constant 40 mph winds the whole day, we had a lot of fun and saw some real Hoons flogging their rides around an extremely worn-out runway.  I can’t count how many cars I saw lift a tire at one particular spot coming around a cone.  I would imagine the go cart guys endured the most abuse of all. [nggallery id=66] This looks like the perfect after school activity to get Eleanor involved in… SCCA Results

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