Hooniverse Fastback Friday – The TVR Webmart, where you can buy actual TVRs

Welcome to another edition of Fastback Friday. So we are at the end of British Week here at Hooniverse, and yes I caved. I was trying to do a little research on rather obscure fastback models for this feature, and finding nothing all that interesting, and decided to join in on the British car love-fest. Let me now introduce you to the TVR Webmart site, with more than a couple of TVR fastback models offered for sale.

Let’s start with this 1970 TVR Vixen S3 1700GT. I feel the early Vixens are the only TVRs worth having in the first place. According to the listing:

A restored,matching numbers Vixen S3, first registered August 1970. Has only had 5 owners, last one for 25 years (prior to my acquiring car in 2010). There is a very good history file with this car, including original build spec sheet – alloy wheels and seat belts were the only options MoTs go back to 1979 to verify mileage (115k) and bills go back to 1981 to show what has been done. In 1990, the previous owner commenced a total rebuild, which included the 2000E gearbox and the Ford Kent engine, which was bored out to 1700cc, fully balanced and fitted with a fully gasflowed head and a Piper HR270/2 fast road camshaft.

In 1995 he got around to fully restoring the chassis, and painted it with Yellow Smoothrite For whatever reason, the project was then put on hold. I acquired the Vixen from David Gerald TVR in early 2010. They had re-commissioned the car, made it driveable and got it through an MoT. During the past year I have had the bodywork restored and painted in its original Light Orange, and the interior has been retrimmed in Black.

The asking price for this TVR Vixen is £15,000! See the listing here.

Next up is this absolutely smashing project, a 1982 TVR Taimar SE. This Taimar was a special order, and is not the turbo model. According to the listing:

The car is factory original. Blackpool-built to SE specification without the turbo. Sporting flared wheel arches, split rim Compomotive wheels, Walnut dash and a leather interior. This classic was never damaged/abused and has 35,481 genuine miles with only two owners.

In 1985 the second owner placed the car in dry storage on blocks until we bought and collected the car in 2010. The interior needs only a clean and the webesto sunroof minor attention. The chassis is in excellent condition, wish-bones and other components having only surface rust. The paint work does have some micro-blistering on the front of the bonnet, all paint is original with no repairs. All the wheels are in excellent condition including the original thiner Compomotive spare (a little space saving for under the bonnet). The engine will need a good service and car generally recommissioning. New brakes, discs and fluids.

Asking price for this original condition TVR Taimar is £7,495! See the listing here.

Next up is an actual TVR Taimar Turbo that has some sort of a pedigree, as it was Peter Wheeler’s personal car while he was in charge at TVR. According to the listing:

The seventh Taimar Turbo, the second to be produced in 1977, and was the seventeenth turbo overall. In Nightfire Red with silver turbo logo, beige and dark brown interior. Purchased new by Peter Wheeler and registered on 1st August 1977. This car has a massive history file with letters from the factory to Peter and invoices, brochures and photos. A well documented and noted car. Verified mileage by all MoT certificates.

Complete nut and bolt restoration in 2000 by Adrian Venn, and still in excellent condition, a credit to his workmanship and lifelong passion. Engine overhauled in 2009 with less than 800 miles since. Bourg Warner T5 5 speed gear box, Salisbury Diff, Stainless steel exhaust and Wilwood 4 pot brake callipers and discs making this a top spec Taimar Turbo.

Asking price for this verified British collectible is £18,750! You have to be a true Anglophile to appreciate this car, so go and see the listing here.

How about acquiring a historic TVR Griffith racing car? This is a Griffith 400 FIA, and according to the listing:

TVR Griffith 400 FIA. This beautifully prepared car has been thoroughly developed by Classic World Racing to race winning standards and holds current FIA HTP Papers. The car was successfully campaigned in 2009 at all rounds of the HSCC Guards Trophy finishing 2nd in class and 6th overall.

JFR 600E is very well documented. Importantly, the car retains its original chassis and all receipts are present showing the development process. This is a great opportunity to acquire a highly competitive and exciting TVR GT racing car that is absolutely on the button and is eligible for all UK and international events.

This one isn’t cheap folks, and is offered at £95,000!!!! See the listing here.
I tried to get a TVR Sagaris that is currently for sale into this post, but the only one offered on the TVR Webmart site has only two Images, so I decided to do a picture posting set for later today on the multiple Sagaris’ that were sold. So, without a poll, which of these TVR Fastbacks would you like to take home? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    Man, Jim, I cannot believe you caved.
    I really do like the Vixen. The color and trim just do it for me. Yellow Smoothrite. That color does it for me. If I ever get to choose a color of a car, it will have to be a bright yellow/orange.

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      Agreed. And how about those semi-turbine wheels? I don't know what they're called but they are sweet indeed.

  2. tonyola Avatar

    Notice the Cortina taillights. Gen 1 on the Griffith racing car and Gen 2 on the orange Vixen. Charming cars all. I have to disagree with Jim, however, on the statement that an early Vixen is the only TVR worth owning. How can anyone turn their nose up at a gorgeous Rover V8-powered thing like a 1990s Griffith? I say this is the sexiest English car since the original E-type.
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/TVR_Griffith_500.JPG&quot; width=500>

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      Was this an intentional styling derivation? It looks like an E-type evolution.

  3. scroggzilla Avatar

    Based on more that a few anecdotes, the Griffith 400, with a hi-po 289, might offer an even more frightening driving experience than a 427 Cobra.

  4. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    I'd choose Robocop's TURBO, although the more reasonably priced SE doesn't look too far beyond hope. Is the black tape holding the hatch down, or holding the bumper up? Or both?

  5. kcats Avatar

    i found the factory receipt for wzp 32. so would the legitimate owner text 00353879814165 if its' needed.
    would the last poster note that the tape (with barrier to base of hatch) served to prevent the electro-lock from
    jamming shut after 19 years of storage.