Hooniverse Fastback Friday: The MOPAR Edition

My first post here in the Hooniverse was just after the esteemed Mr. Glucker had noticed a Barracuda while out with his family enjoying some May, 2010 weather in a park on the left coast somewhere in the Hooniverse.
Well, this afternoon down at Bellair Plaza, this olelongrooffan spotted another one and thought my fellow Hoons might be interested in taking a look at it.

This one, also a 68, featured another automatic transmission

attached to a 340 cubic inch MOPAR with 4 barrel carb. (and this olelongrooffan only abbreviates that word because I can never spell it correctly!)

And it has a huge rear window but damn, there are no obstructions to the sound those speakers emit!

Yeah, I am calling this a First Class definition of a Fastback here on Hooniverse Fastback Friday.

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  1. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    That's a beaut, LR! My favorite generation of the 'Cuda by far.

  2. tonyola Avatar

    The '67'-'68 Barracuda fastbacks might be the best-looking ponycars of the era, and that's saying a lot.

  3. tobitus Avatar

    not might,they are love the blue

  4. Tom Lee,Horsefarmer Avatar
    Tom Lee,Horsefarmer

    Sorry, but I prefer that 51 sedan in the background, 2nd from left.
    But then I only own Fords.

  5. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    Still my favorite Mopar! Just the most compact, balanced looking piece of eye candy Chrysler ever produced! Thanks for the post!