Hooniverse Fastback Friday: The Fratzog Emblem Edition

So while this olelongrooffan was out and about at the Daytona International Speedway this past weekend I was able to gather up a few Hooniworthy images of our olestandby themes and today is another example. It was bright red and was still having its bits and pieces replaced. The Fratzog Emblem shown above was on the front grill and trunk lid of this beauty. It has the distinction as being the only MOPAR product to bare this prize.

The interior appeared to be mostly in place and the bright white leather vinyl seats sure looked clean. The floor mounted console is also a nice touch. The four pod instrument cluster sets the stage for this classic MOPAR product.

Yes, my fellow Hoons, it appears to this olelongrooffan to be a first or second year Dodge Charger. As I mentioned, it is still in the process of being glued back together as is evidenced by the yet to be reinstalled trim on each side of the grille around the fender perimeter. Sadly, the flip around headlights appear to be permanently wide open.

A whiles back I spotted, based on the wheel/tire/trim ring combo and that missing trim piece below the grill, what this olelongrooffan believes may be the same one. The dude was asking $13,500 for it and it was covered in seagull crap and had the RENT Xed out and sale written in. Hope the new owner got it for a lot less.

The chrome trim pieces also had yet to be replaced on the mini fins on the ass end of this fastback. If you discount the glassback Barracuda, I believe this is the first fastback from the Chrysler Corporation. As least that I am aware of anyway. tonyola?

As was the case with the 4WD Model A truck I posted yesterday, I kind of hung around to see if the owner showed up but…

hey there goes a 59 batwing Impala vert…..

My fellow Hoons can see more images of this MOPAR as well as some of a tag along road grader over at my blog, By The Numbers.

img src= this olelongrooffan
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