Hooniverse Fastback Friday: Louvres, It's All About The Louvres

While this olelongrooffan was up in The Hoosier State checking out trailer manufacturing plants and taking some images of trailers we have sold but will never see again, I spotted something lurking behind one of the cars in the parking lot.

So after taking the above image of a Bravo trailer going to who knows where, I left the boss chatting it up with the chief sales guy for that company and scooted a bit closer to verify that what I thought I had seen, I really did see.

And I was not mistaken. It was a Ford Mustang II from the much maligned Malaise Era, specifically the late 70’s. The last one of these seen by this olelongrooffan was actually in duplicate the day the Kid and I were “Anticipating the Pick.”

This 173,992 mile artifact is a daily driver to and from the Great State of Michigan to that factory in the Hoosier state. It is nearly dent free although the paint was obviously not the original color as noted by the yellow showing up from beneath the bright blue paint.

The louvres on the rear of the 4 lug nut clad tire bearing beauty belies its underlying fastbackyness.

There were a few odd bits and pieces of trim missing OR maybe this olelongrooffan is mistaken.

That interior was strewn with the remnants of more than a few fast food wrappers most likely consumed during the many commutes this thoroughbred has accumulated in its lifetime. I couldn’t make out the transmission in it due to the “Hurst” like shifter but, as always, I am confident the Hoon commentariat will fill this gap in this olelongrooffan’s knowledge.

Just what that hood scoop is concealing will most likely never be known however.

Regardless of what that hood scoop is concealing, their is no doubt this beauty qualifies for today’s edition of Fastback Friday.

No matter what angle those louvres are viewed from there is no doubt this is

a real fastback in the true fashion that only the Malaise Era can represent.

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