Hooniverse Fastback Friday: It's Red, It's A Horse, And It's A Fastback

After my debacle post yesterday about my brother’s trucks and the dead video link (its alive now), this olelongrooffan decided I would stick to basic technology and leave all the fancy stuff to our friends over at AT and just hang with what I know I can do. So, without further ado my fellow Hoons, here is my submission for Fastback Friday.

As I have previously mentioned, my brother, thejeepjunkie, runs a mom and pop auto repair facility here in the Birthplace of Speed.  As such, in addition to everyday daily drivers, he also tends to attract a clientele who own some offbeat automobiles.  And the owner of this 69 pony car is no different.

Now, this olelongrooffan has read here in the Hooniverse about how this breed of stallion was all bloated and foundered by 1969 but this one appears to be just right. Check out the cool opening vent window in the back as imaged above. When was the last time any of my fellow Hoons have seen one of these? For me it was on a Kaiser-Fraser Manhattan a few years ago.

When this olelongrooffan was a mere young longroof fan, one of my teachers in high school had a yellow ’73 Mustang convertible with a 351 Cleveland in it. Once she mistakenly let me take it to the car wash in preparation for its use in the Homecoming Parade and I can tell you that it positively screamed. Of course, I was used to driving a 3/4 ton Dodge farm truck with a basic 225 slant six so, consequently, everything screamed, at least for me.

And I can only say NACA ducts FTW.

Not only all that but this ole beauty has a history also. A few weeks ago this old dude came in and bought a car hauler from me. We got to chatting it up and it turns out his pop had passed last fall and left one of his Mustangs to his grandson. This dude was buying this trailer to pick it up from Kentucky for his son and get it back to the Home of The World’s Most Famous Beach.

Once they got grandpa’s Mustang home, the new owner realized it needed a new water pump. As a result, it ended up in thejeepjunkie’s shop for an old school water pump replacement. No, it does not normally take four dudes to replace a water pump but what can I say, it was a Saturday and we all were bored. Hence the nationwide spread of Seconds Saturdays.

This bright red classic is showing only 49K on its odo and it is in great shape.

Even if it does possess the “slushbucket” and an AM radio. Incidentally, that gear selector lever is the same one for the four wheel drive shifter as is in my buddy’s 69 Bronco.

Now I have to say, I am not all that familiar with the interior of a 69 Mustang but this one seems to be slightly off kilter. I would suspect that is an aftermarket air conditioning unit at the passenger’s knees but the face of the dashboard above it appears to be naked.

The paint on this is a bright shiny red and I suspected it had a recent paint job and a peek beneath the trunk lid revealed my suspicions are correct.

But overall, this cop car seducing red pony car is in great shape and the grandson is one lucky Hoon to have it. And the fact he remembers riding in it with grandpa back in the day makes this thing even more valuable.

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