Hooniverse Fastback Friday – Honda Accord Aerodeck

Last month, Robert E. asked what 25+ year old vehicle you would seriously consider importing.  My answer: the 1986-88 Honda Accord Aerodeck!
The good people at Honda melded a boring Accord with an economical Civic hatchback, and came up with what is without a doubt the most reliable shooting brake, in the world.  Though Americans were still into hatchbacks and two-door coupes in a big way in the mid-1980s, the Aerodeck was not sold here.  Apparently, the average Honda buyer just didn’t want cool associated with their toaster of a car– the Aerodeck was a sales flop in Japan and Europe.

To give you an idea of how long ago 25 years was, the Aerodeck came with a choice of fuel injection (122 hp) or carburetor (106 hp).  Though I’ve never driven (or even seen) an Aerodeck, I did drive an Accord coupe of the same vintage for a summer.  If they are similar in driving dynamics, then the Aerodeck is competent but by no means a standout.

The utility of hatchbacks is unquestioned.  Saabs are known to swallow millions of board feet of IKEA furniture at a time.  But the Aerodeck was a different story.  The rear wheel wells took up near a third of the floor.  The low roof further minimized storage space.   Topped off with a heavy liftgate and high loading sill, and you’ve got a decidedly un-user-friendly hauler.  

But ultimately, this is a cool looking car from a then-cool company.  EBay UK has less-than-perfect examples for a few thousand quid.  Practically be damned.  I want an Aerodeck!

Images source: Honda

Background information source: February 18, 1987, issue of Autocar

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