Hooniverse Classic Trucks Weekend – How about a couple of Macks, and some other choice trucks?

This is the continuation of the Hooniverse Classic Trucks Weekend. I spotted these two Macks at the American Truck Historical Society Antique Truck Show last weekend, and because of the driving rainstorm, never did ask the owners about the price they wanted for the trucks. Well I found out…

This is a 1947 Mack LF Heavy Duty Tractor, and it’s not a Diesel, though I really don’t know what type of motor is under the massive hood.

It is for sale in Salisbury, Mass, for $16,500. So, what do you think about this truck? See the listing here.

This is a 1957 Mack B42 Heavy Duty Tractor, and once again, it’s not a Diesel. This is the type of truck I think about when someone says Mack, and it is among the earliest memories of what a truck looks like in my mind.

The same seller has listed this for sale as the 1947 Mack above. once again, the asking price is $16,500, so why not look at the listing here.

Here is a 1946 Diamond T 509 Light Duty Truck, and according to the seller, is in good condition with an older paint job. Truck runs and is drivable but the wiring is frayed. So, how many wires could this truck possibly have?

Anyway, the price for this truck is a semi reasonable $4,500. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me what you think.

This is a 1948 International KB11 Tractor that has been fully restored, and according to the seller it has a 6 Cylinder Gasoline Engine, 5-Speed Manual Transmission Both of which have been completly rebuilt), New Brakes and Tires, and was repainted in its original color. Over $50,000 was spent on its restoration.

From Vermont, and it’s for sale with an asking price of $29,900. Take a look at the listing, and tell me if it is worth the asking price.

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