Hooniverse Asks: Will Mazda's RX-8 Ever be Loved?

0000476d40c1-2c81-4bbb-b Mazda is the reigning king (or queen, we don’t exactly know for sure) of value-priced sports cars. Their MX-5 Miata is not only the gold standard of that category, but it’s also considered to be one of the greatest cars of all time. Before there was ever a Miata however, Mazda offered the world the RX7, a rotary-powered sport coupe that was lithe, plucky, and wouldn’t break the bank. Between the MX5 and RX-7 Mazda took the reigns of everyman sports car purveyor from the British and Italians and ran with it. Of course the RX7 enjoyed a number of iterations until market tides turned away from its favor, and the rotary’s thirst for fuel caught up with it. The RX-7 went away, and many lamented its departure. Even today, old RX-7s from all three generations are generally considered attractive options for cheap seats sportsters. The same cannot be said for the 7’s replacement however, the RX-8. Still sporting a twin-wankel engine but now available only in 2+2 two and two half-door body style, the RX-8 has not engendered the sort of fanbase as has its predecessors. It’s now a former product too as Mazda couldn’t seem to encourage much enthusiasm for them when new either. Now that they’ve joined their RX-7 mates in the history books and used car market, do you think the tide will turn in their favor? Do you think that the RX-8 will ever be loved? Image: CARmagazine

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